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Did you ever look at water so crystalline that you’re pretty sure when you look away the color of your eyes will have absorbed it and changed to blue?

I was lucky enough to spend this weekend in the Turks & Caicos Islands.  There are so many ways to enjoy staying at this amazing destination – chic boutique hotels with South Beach style pool scenes, spacious apartment style set ups with immaculate furnishings and kitchens that would actually make you consider dining in on vacation, all inclusive resorts with nonstop activities for kids ages 2 to 92, and (my personal favorite) beachfront decadent villas big enough for several families to share.

The villa we stayed in was staffed with amazing butlers (when you put fresh banana bread, hot coffee and a spicy Bloody Mary down in front of me at the same time on a Sunday morning, you become my favorite person).  Everyone’s kids frolicked in the private pool while we caught up on work, and in the late evening we walked down the stairs onto the beach and enjoyed roasting s’mores over a bonfire at the waters edge.

Of course, the star of the Turks show is the stunning blue water reaching as far as the eye can see.  Beyond just being beautiful, the water provides countless kinds of entertainment for visitors to the island, via snorkeling and scuba, kayaking and tubing, sailboats and jet skis, and just plain body surfing.  (Not to mention the joy of fresh conch fritters every night!).

In short, it’s always a good time for Turks!  Now – which of these is your favorite shade of blue?

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